April 2016

My wife and I were in Rome recently studying Italian and visiting historic sites.  I took time to research a book in my Milan thriller series that I will write in 2017. 

While in Rome, I posted on our travel blog, "A Year and a Day," about a visit to Tarquinia in Tuscany to see 3,000 year old Etruscan tombs.   Check our blog to see photos and read about the Etrurian people who were the predominant civilization in central Italy before the Romans.  

Milan DIGOS thriller series

I am writing an international thriller series based in Milan featuring the anti-terrorism police, DIGOS, at Milan's Questura (police headquarters). Book I in the series is Thirteen Days in Milan featuring DIGOS capo Giorgio Lucchini and his deputy Antonella Amoruso who hunt down domestic terrorists who kidnapped an American single mother during the assassination of an Italian official in Berlusconi's cabinet at Milan's Stazione Centrale.  

In the sequel, No One Sleeps, Lucchini and Amoruso lead a team of DIGOS agents searching for a suspected cell of radical Muslims  planning an attack on an Italian cultural landmark and killing hundreds of innocent Italians.  No One Sleeps will be posted as a presale on digital sites in May with a publication date in Septemberl. The title in Italian is Nessun Dorma, a famous aria from Giacomo Puccini's opera Turandot.

The models for my Italian thrillers are Donna Leon's Commissario Brunetti series in Venice, Andrea Camilleri's Inspector Salvo Montalbano in Sicily, and Michael Dibdin's Aurelio Zen series from Rome. I have traveled throughout Italy for research and to enjoy many aspects of Italian contemporary life and culture. 

Italian Translations

Thirteen Days in Milan is available as an ebook in Italian, Tredici giorni a Milano.  My short mystery, The Stalker, is also available in Italian, Lo Stalker.   Please share with your Italian friends. 

Bloody Mary Confession

My most recent contemporary mystery is Bloody Mary Confession. It is about college sweethearts who marry and begin exciting careers.  Max Bauer is drafted by the Boston Red Sox and begins a stellar career that includes two All-Star game appearances and MVP awards.   His wife, Amanda Foxx, becomes a popular Hollywood actress.  

But the demands of dual careers and living apart on separate coasts are stressful on Max and Amanda's marriage.  They divorce and go their separate ways.  

Years later, the suspicious death of someone close to one of them reunites Max and Amanda at her California beach home.  Over bloody marys one morning, a confession reveals a dark secret.   

Bloody Mary Confession is available as an ebook; paperback, and hardback on Amazon and as an ebook on other sites. 

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